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Do you feel like you're overdue for a change, but can't find the motivation to move forward?

Are you struggling with an important decision that you just can't seem to make?

Or maybe you're frustrated because you believe you're on the right path, but self-doubt and unhelpful thoughts have taken over.

Here are just a few examples of how coaching can help you move forward. Click on any to learn more:

Honor your individuality
Challenge your negative thinking
Slow down your thinking


My name is Jeff Schreier

Thank you for visiting my site. The idea of becoming a professional coach began with feelings that so many of us experience: the desire to do something different and fulfilling.

My certification program and continuing study has taught me more than I imagined about why we think, feel and act the way we do.  And sharing that knowledge when working with others has been as satisfying as I had hoped.

I continue to maintain a career in corporate finance and offer both general and workplace coaching. Please reach out if you would like to have a free introductory session to discuss working together.

"Jeff’s probing questions challenged me to review my options and important short and long-term goals.  These steps allowed me to navigate and assess my situation and ultimately develop greater satisfaction with my career and work life balance."

L.L.  Roanoke, VA

"Through our sessions together, Jeff helped me recognize what my long term and short term goals were. Then he helped me compartmentalize my plan so it didn’t feel overwhelming, which aided me in thinking deeply and mindfully... I am amazed at how much happier I am now than I was just seven months ago."

L. S.  New York, NY

"I highly recommend Jeff as both a career and life coach. He is perceptive, empathetic, creative, easy to talk to, and a good listener. I benefit from these sessions, both personally and professionally."

T. G. New York, NY

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