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Honor Your Individuality

Before making decisions we often compare ourselves to others, or seek advice from family and friends who we think have the same intentions and desires that we do.


While there are people we may feel especially close to, in reality we are very different from others, even family members.  What brings us joy and satisfaction is related to our own characteristics and experiences.

Move Forward:

As your coach I can help you honor your uniqueness and find the answers that lie within you.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

While we want to think positively and move forward, we are often held back by negative thoughts based on past experiences and/or assumptions  about ourselves that may not be valid.


While negative thinking plays a role in protecting us, much like the fight-or-flight response, if we look closely at such responses we may find that the negativity is unjustified.

Move Forward:

As your coach I can help us identify and analyze your negative thoughts and replace them with more productive ones.


Slow Down Your Thinking

We think fast and therefore are often influenced by available information that isn’t accurate, or biases based on past experiences that aren’t relevant.   


Our default is for our minds to work quickly and jump to conclusions, and by doing so we bypass the deeper thinking necessary to find our true answers.

Move Forward:

As your coach I can help you slow your thinking down, expose any biases and work your way to your best response and actions.

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